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What is this tool for?

Welcome to RIPicts keywording tool. It designed to find relevant keywords for your images based on similar images and your statistics on what keywords are more popular among stock buyers.

Who is this tool for?

First of all this tool is for photographers, illustrators and videographers who need to annotate their images to make them searchable for licensing. But it could be useful for anyone who for some reason want to annotate their digital asset.

How does it work?

  • Enter some keywords
  • Select similar images
  • Select keywords
  • Copy metadata and use for your images

How is keywords ratting calculated?

When you search images with this tool we collect some statics about correlation between keywords and how much downloads those images have. Using this data we build keywords ratting index. The more you use this tool the more data we have and the more up to date it is.

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We want to keep this software free for everyone, especially for emerging artists. It time to design, develop and test it.

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